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Data Usage

This section is intended to answer any questions you may have about how Bidbear handles your data.

If bidbear is granted access to my Amazon profile, who will be able to view my data?

Only the users who are authorized to view data for any individual profile (seller/advertising profile), by profile Administrators in the Amazon console, may view data for any individual profile. Authorization for a user to access a profiles data may be revoked by the profile Administrator at any time, directly in the Amazon console. Bidbear authorization is based on LWA (Login With Amazon) and Amazon managed user permissions are mirrored within the Bidbear application.

Will Bidbear sell my data?

Absolutely not. Bidbear does not sell any data, and will never sell any data.

Does Bidbear share user data with other Bidbear users?

No, Bidbear does not share any data (even aggregated anonymous data) with other users or third parties of any kind. Data is strictly walled off by user. For example we will not tell you what the average ACOS is for all our customers, or any other such metric.

Can you share insights about Amazon operations that you have learned using your API access?


What data does the Bidbear application currently access for authorized users?

Currently Bidbear pull data strictly from the Amazon Advertising API, which includes all available reports, as well as meta data for Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, ASINS, targets etc.

In the future we may add additional data sources, such as the Amazon Selling Partner API, which would allow us to pull business reports and merge that data with the report data from the Advertising API. This would be extremely useful for users who currently have to manually pull this data from multiple locations and merge it manually in spreadsheets.

Does Bidbear collect any personally identifiable information (PII) for Amazon customers?

We do not collect or store any personally identifiable information. We have no use case for this data at this time.