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Course Introduction

This free course is designed to help you learn beginner, intermediate and advanced concepts regarding Amazon Advertising PPC. There is something for everyone, regardless of your experience level. We cover everything from basic concepts, to machine learning based bidding strategies.


Although this course is hosted on, this is intended to be a general knowledge course, regardless of the software you use (if any) to manage your Amazon Advertising campaigns. Bidbear software is not required in any way to follow this course or implement its strategies.

Beginner and Intermediate Advertisers

If you are absolutely new to Amazon Advertising you should start with the Beginner section. This will introduce you to the general concepts and vocabulary of Amazon Advertising, which you will need to be familiar with before moving to the Intermediate section.

If you are a beginner we recommend that you continue through the Intermediate section and stop there.

Advanced/Professional Advertisers

If you are a professional advertiser we still recommend that you browse through the Intermediate section to familiarize yourself with the concepts and vocabulary used in this guide. There are a lot of concepts in that section that we commonly see professional advertisers get wrong, so we still expect that you will pick up some useful information there.

The Advanced section is where we will cover more advanced topics, such as machine learning based bidding strategies, auction system theory, and more. Some sections will require a basic understanding of statistics and mathematics, others will require a knowledge of programming to fully understand and implement their strategies.


nick coughlin

The instructor for this course is Nick Coughlin.

Nick is the founder of, a software platform for Amazon Advertising analytics. He is a full stack software developer, has a degree in economics and is a former marketing manager. If you are interested in learning more about Nick he has a personal website at with hundreds of programming and marketing articles.