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Ad Types

There are three main types of ads available with Amazon Advertising. Let's explore the differences.

sponsored products example

This is the original and most common type of ad. A Sponsored Products ad is inserted into the search results page, and looks like a regular product listing. The only difference is that it has a small Sponsored tag above the description.

Unlike the other ad types, Sponsored Product ads cannot be customized with a headline or any other creative. The ad is simply the product listing itself.

They can appear in the search results page and on the product detail page of another product.

sponsored brand example

Sponsored Brands are the second most common type of ad. They appear at the top, middle and bottom of the search results page. They contain a headline, a logo, a product/product collection and an image/video.

While anyone selling on Amazon can create Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display ads, Sponsored Brands ads have eligibility requirements.

To create Sponsored Brands ads, advertisers must be enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, which requires a registered and active text or image-based trademark. This policy ensures that only established brands with trademarked products are able to utilize this specific ad type.

Ad Formats

sponsored brand ad formatssponsored brand example

The biggest difference between Sponsored Display and the other two ad types is that Sponsored Display ads can appear on 3rd party websites. They can also appear on the product detail page, just like Sponsored Products.

Ad Formats

sponsored display ad formats

The ads themselves are quite customizable. There are two primary formats to choose from: Photo and Video.

Each format can be configured to include a custom headline and logo. The photo format can also include a custom image, while the video format can include a custom video.

This leaves a lot of room for creativity and experimentation.

Comparison Table

FeatureSponsored ProductsSponsored BrandsSponsored Display
PlacementSearch results page, product detail pageSearch results pageSearch results page, product detail page, featured offer, 3rd party websites
CreativeNoneHeadline, logo, image, videoHeadline, logo, image, video
Targeting TypesKeyword, Product, AutoKeyword, ProductAudience, Contextual
Landing pageProduct detail pageStore page / product detail pageProduct detail page
EligibilityAll SellersBrand registered sellers onlyBrand registered sellers only